Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
Baby Dee
Reilly and Bailey
Samson Cat Portrait
Lola Cat Portrait
Bella Pet Portrait
Ricky and Lucy
Sylvester, Daya and Monte
Riley Pet Portrait
Taco Pet Portrait
The Happy Trio
Casey and Scully Cat Portrait
Charlie Brown
Max and Sophie
Ellie Mae Horse Portrait
Lucy, Pippin and Shot-z
Talyor Cat Portrait
Olivia Cat Portrait
Fred Pet Portrait
Fulanito Cat Portrait
Pelusa Cat Portrait
Ceker Horse Portrait
Sophie and Maverick
Ginger and Maddy Pug Portrait
Charlie and Maddie Pet Portrait
Sally Shadow and Sarah
Biff and Ripple Pet Portrait
Biff and Ripple 2 Pet Portrait
Max and Rocket Pet Portrait
Arizona Hank
Megan Pet Portrait
Winston and Brie
Myron The Wonderful Pig
BeBop Cat Portrait
Buddy Cat Portrait
Aimee Pet Portrait
Mac Pet Portrait
Georgia and Hilton
Sadie Cat Portrait
Cleo Cat Portrait
Pinto Cat Portrait
Good Girl
Puka Pet Portrait
Pumbaa the Magnificent
Heidi Cat Portrait
Sabina and Nelson
Hank and Mr. 4 Cat Portrait
Steppin' Out Pet Portrait
Heidi, Misty, Mandy and Tinkerbelle
Toby and Glinda
Buddy the Desert Cat Portrait
Toby and Leo
Max Cat Portrait
Buster and Sheba
Maddie Pet Portrait
Meggie Mae Pet Portrait
Molly Pet Portrait
Sophie Custom Pet Portrait
Audrey Pet Portrait
Duffy and Abigale
Lily Pet Portrait
Cougar and Nick
Digby, Hazel and Heidi Cat Portrait
Halo in Blue
Halo in Green
Canto and Valkie
Tiller Gale - Custom Cat Portrait
Nomad Tongue Attack!!
Baloo's pet portrait
Bubbles Horse Portrait
Partner Horse Portrait
Tenney Horse Portrait
Gilligan Horse Portrait
Ethan pet portrait
Jiggers, in fond memory
Indy pet portrait
Lola the Malti-Poo pet portrait
Big George's pet portrait
Dexter's pet portrait
Macy and Tigger
Oakley pet portrait
Boo pet portrait
Smokey pet portrait
Lucille the Yorkie painting
Abby, Portuguese Water Dog pet portrait
Cubby, Yorkie pet portrait
Crackers Westie Pet Portrait
Jessi pet portrait
Roxy Pit Bull portrait
Wrigley pet portrait
Zeke pet portrait
Mugsy Shi Tzu Pet Portrait
Ellie Springer Spaniel Pet Portrait
Anka and Norbo pet portrait
Satchmo Cat Portrait
Buddy, in memory of a loving pup
Scout Dog Portrait
Tess Portrait, Canada
Cat Portrait of Thumper, the fabulous Seal Point Siamese!
Abby, Jack Russel Pet Portrait, Phoenix, AZ
Samson, in fond memory
Jake, Cody and Reno Pet Portrait
Cain, Dallas, TX Pet Portrait
Hunter, the Tennessee Puggle
Catalina Cat Portrait
Buddy, Border Collie Pet Portrait, Phoenix, AZ
Dazi Pet Portrait
Misty Pug Portrait
Sadie, Golden Doodle from Alberta!
Maggie, from Phoenix, AZ!
Blake and Kyle inseparable souls
Max with Stars pet portrait
Brinkley and Mela  pet portrait
Beau Labrador pet portrait
Yo Quiero Tu Chihuahua pet portrait
Kahlua cat pet portrait
Duffy pet portrait
It Had to Be You Poodle pet portrait
Be Mine Great Dane pet portrait
Dexter cat portrait
Scaredy Cat Portrait
Caspi pet portrait
Seal Cat Portrait
Pepper mini schnauzer pet portrait
KOKO!!'s Lookout pet portrait
Toby cat pet portrait
Satchi and Ananda San Diego Papillons
Bea, the sweet San Diego Beagle
Jimmy pet portrait of beloved kitty family member
Lucy German Shepherd pet portrait
Pj Pug pet portrait
Cinnamon Pet Portrait
Oscar Pet Portrait
Miracle the Cat pet portrait
LADY pet portrait
Belle the Cat pet portrait
DoggonitArt, pet portraits, and all images copyright 2005-2016 Marna Schindler. All rights for reproduction remain with the artist.
Her Name was Lola
Happy Hank
Zoe in Red
Zoe in Blue
Willy the Cat Portrait
KOKO!! the wonder girl!
Pet portrait of Saxo
Pet portrait of five happy chihuahuas from Enid, Oklahoma
Pet portrait of Pablo, sweet chihuahua/fox terrier mix from San Diego, CA
The Thumbnail Gallery gives you a quick view of all of the pet portraits I've done.  Scroll to the bottom to see the most
recently completed paintings.  Click on any for a  larger view and a little more info!
Polly pet portrait
Oliver with party hat pet portrait, from San Diego
Oliver graduates from Harvard pet portrait, from San Diego
Olover with tennis ball pet portrait, from San Diego
pet portrait of Boo, fondly remembered companion
Claudia Bassett pet portrait
Jaime Bassett pet portrait
Ellie Pit Pet Portrait
Gator Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pet Portrait
Rc, Buddy & Doc friends always pet portrait
Lucy Dalmation pet portrait
Grtechen and Jacob pet portrait
Aubie and Ridy pet portait commission
Larry of Albuquerque
Zoe cat pet portrait
Callie Calico Cat Portrait
Hugo and Oliver Labrador Retrievers pet portrait
Josie and Gizmo pet portrait
Sadie from Palo Alto pet portrait
Simool Samoyed pet portrait from Phoenix, AZ
Boris and Shelby Bassets pet portrait from Phoenix, AZ
Ziggy and Rudy pet portrait from Phoenix, AZ
Sadie and Beau pet portrait from Phoenix, AZ
Huan pet portrait from Coronado, CA
Marv the cat memorial pet portrait from San Diego, CA
Coco pet Malti-schzu portrait from Knoxville, TN
Joy tabby cat pet portrait from Knoxville, TN
Bentley in fond memory pet portrait from Knoxville, TN
Pepper pet portrait San Diego, CA Yorkie
Norris Siberian Husky pet portrait from San Diego, CA
Cayenne Westie pet portrait from San Diego, CA
Portrait of Charlie, from Riverside, CA
Portrait of Samantha, from San Diego, CA
portrait of Lola and Bodhi, from Oceanside, Ca
portrait of Sammy, from Phoenix, AZ
portrait of Oreo, from Alberta, Canada
Peanut pet portrait
Sergeant pet portrait
Johnny pet portrait, San Diego CA
Noah pet portrait San Diego, CA
Phyllis and Henry pet portrait Coronado, CA
Roxy pet portrait San Diego, CA
Rusty pet portrait, from Sonoma, CA
Snuggles pet portrait, from La Jolla, CA
Tango pet portrait, from la Jolla, CA
Pepper pet portrait, from La Jolla, Ca
Bentley Bosley and Bella Pet Portrait Commission
Baxter Phoebe and Josie Pet Portrait
Bear Pet Portrait
Buddy Pet Portrait
Emma Pet Portrait
Memorial Pet Portrait of Mittens
Memorial Pet Porrait of Dominic
Ravi Papillon Pet Portrait
Beufina Pet Portrait from Tempe, Arizona
Gia Pet Portrait
James Dachshund Pet Portrait
Pet Portrait of Indiana and Emerson from Sedona, AZ
Clyde Pet Portrait Memorial
Curtis Golden Retriever Pet Portrait
Memorial pet portrait of Kenny from Coronado, CA
Pearl Labrador Retriever Pet Portrait
Pet Portrait of happy dachshund Martha from Palo Alto, CA
Pet portrait of happy Dachshund Eddie from Palo Alto, CA
Memorial pet portrait of Snoozie
Aviator Charlie pet portrait
Gracie pet portrait
Jenny Rebecca pet portrait
Memorial Pet Portrait of Smokey, from Phoenix, AZ
In fond memory of Henry, pet portrait
In loving memory of Spazzy
Pet portrait of Zoe, the adorable mini-schnauzer from Knoxville Tennessee
Handsome pet portrait Dachshund San Diego
Pumpkin Pie pet portrait Oceanside, CA
Sammi the pug pet portrait
Jacob pet portrait San Diego, CA
Enrique pet portrait
Ruby Pet Portrait
Pet Portrait of Bella the Bulldog from Marna Schindler
Pet Portrait of Dobie, in fond memory, from Marna Schindler
Pet Portrait of Jasmine from Marna Schindler
Pet Portrait of Molly, in fond memory, from Marna Schindler
Avery Pet Portrait, sweet Bichon from Carlsbad, CA
Memorial pet painting of Moses, from San Diego, CA
Memoria Pet Painting of Amelia, Dalmatian from Phoenix, AZ
Memorial pet painting of Effie, from Springfield, Missouri
Pet portrait of Teagan, silver lab from Phoenix, AZ
Jordan and Sullivan pet portrait
Pet portrait of furry family member Fox, from Chicago, Illinois
Memorial pet portrait of Kiwi, beloved cat from Woodside, CA
Memorial pet portrait of Sadie, beloved cat from Albuquerque, NM
Memorial pet portrait of Sadie and Maggie, two beloved cats from Albuquerque, NM
Pet portrait of Mr W., French Bulldog and best buddy from Woodside, CA
Memorial pet portrait of Baby, beloved cat from San Diego, CA
Pet portrait of Pita, from Sun Lakes, Arizona
Pet portrait of Corky, from Vernon, British Columbia
Pet portrait of Milly, beloved Golden Retriever living in Asheville, North Carolina
Pet portrait of Teagan, silver Labrador Retriever from Phoenix, Arizona
Pet portrait of Max from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida by Marna Schindler
Pet portrait of Quetsy and Schrody, Occicats from San Diego CA
Pet Portrait of Adored Yorkie, Lucy, from Prescott, Arizona
Pet Portrait of Terrific Tabby Oli from Phoenix Ariziona
Bulldog pet portrait of Goose by Marna Schindler
Pet portrait of Cali, beloved Calico fondly remembered in Scottsdale, AZ
In Memory of Rascal, pet portrait by Marna Schindler
Pet portrait of Carl, beloved Pitbull, by Marna Schindler
Pet portrait of precious Papillon in San Diego, CA by Marna Schindler
King Charlies Trio pet portrait by Marna Schindler
Pet portrait of beloved Keeshond from Painseville, Ohio by Marna Schindler
Shylee and Chancey pet portrait, best friends from San Diego CA
Lily pet portrait Pomeranian Rescue
Murphy from AZ pet portrait, by Marna Schindler