Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
DoggonitArt and all images copyright 2011 Marna Schindler. All rights for reproduction remain with the artist.
Wag'N Tails has a fantastic array of fun items & organic food for your pup or
kitty, in Coronado, CA.  They also have a dog wash!  Stop in to see the latest
selection of gotta-have accessories, focusing on made-in-the-US.
Animal Healing Center
Holistic Integrative Veterinary Care, in San Diego.  
Dr. Keith Weingardt is a zen master with animals.
San Diego County Animal Shelters
Where Hopper was waiting to be rescued...the best
little kitty in the west.
Helen Woodward Animal Center
Where I adopted Jet! They took great care of him here for
9 months before I found him and he caught my heart.
SNAP of San Diego
Spay Neuter Action Project of San Diego, CA.
DoggonitArt! Pet portraits by Marna Schindler
David Browne Metal Design
San Diego's premier metal designer, and
proud parent of the real live Happy Hank!!
Farm Sanctuary
National organization for rescue, education, and
advocacy for farm animals.
Eye Candy Jewelry
I can't say enough about Chelsea's wonderful art, I just keep
adding to my collection! Check out her work and prepare to be
blown-over with happiness & gotta-have-it-now! Everyone wants
Eye Candy Jewelry...great for Mother's Day, birthdays,
Christmas...does there even have to be a reason?
Jendala Creations
Art for your soul! Check out Jendala's
environmentally conscious and soulfully
torched creations.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Crown Veterinary Hospital
Providing San Diego's animal lovers with all of your pet health
care needs, including vaccinations, surgery and wellness exams.
Visit them at
Excellent Alternatives to Declawing
If you've got a kitty who is just not playing well with others, scratching, or being aggressive, check out these
excellent alternatives to declawing. A friend who is currently fostering 6 cats swears by the Feliway plug-in cat
pheremones—says they work GREAT!!

Here is another great alternative, that is all natural:

To read up on the arguments against declawing, here are some informative links:
What really is foie gras and how is it obtained? Some information about this delicacy that will
change your mind about it forever.
Here are a few links that I found very informative about animal rights. - help end factory farming - leave comment for KFC - sign to stop foie gras - help regulate horse racing - protect animals from racing - take a 7 day vegetarian pledge - Join PETA's "A-Team" to receive periodic
alerts and network with other activists in your area. You'll be notified of important petitions to sign
to help protect animals. Your signatures can help!
Information any animal lover would appreciate.
Help End Animal Cruelty & Sign Some Petitions!
Animal Protection and Rescue League A grassroots  
nonprofit organization based in San Diego, working to
document and expose animal cruelty occurring behind closed
doors. Volunteers proudly helped garner PROP 2's VICTORY!!!
The Humane Society of the United States
Since 2004 Wayne Pacelle has led the amazing efforts of the
HSUS toward bringing more humane treatment to ALL animals
across the U.S....find out how you can be involved!
For the last six years I've been nothing but thrilled with the
quality of Frankenframes' product and their excellent
customer service. Visit them and check out many of their
floater frames for a sophisticated and reasonable solution to
framing your furry friend's masterpiece! Contact them
directly, or I am happy to help order the purrfect frame for
your pet portrait.
Animal Acres Just east of Los Angeles, paradise for
farmed animals and the people who love them
Friends of Cats  Non-profit organization east of El Cajon—come visit this
wonderful sanctuary for cats and kittens to adopt your next feline forever friend.  
Become a
member at any level you can afford, to help the shelter continue their
amazing work.
FACE Foundation
Established in 2006, The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) is a
not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity, whose mission is to enhance and preserve the
quality of life of animals by providing access to necessary medical care and education.
Based on established criteria, FACE provides financial grants to animal owners who are
unable to partially or fully cover the cost of their pet's emergency or critical care.
Rescue House
The Rescue House is a non-profit, all volunteer-based organization dedicated to
assisting cats through its rescue, foster and adoption activities. They find loving
homes for unwanted, abandoned, homeless and abused cats. They open their
arms to socialized, people-friendly cats that need assistance, regardless of age
and often regardless of handicap. We find good homes for every cat that we
take in – we are a true no-kill cat rescue organization.
Rising Tide Sculpture
A good friend of mine, Richard Vest, creates amazing animals, fish,
and birds in wood.  An internationally collected artist, Richard's
work brings life to your home in unexpected ways & places.  See
his website to view his intricately carved pieces; all reflections of
his admiration and reverence of nature.
Klinsky Fine Art
Steve Klinsky is a good friend of mine also, and his work in
ceramics is unlike anything you've seen.  See his website to view
his latest ground-breaking work depicting figures and abstract
themes.  His spirit truly comes through in his work and having a
sculpture of Steve's will enrich your life & home!
Cody & Mark Carter: KoolShoes!
Cody and Mark are two of the COOLEST people I know and I am
blessed to call them my friends! Whenever I wear their handmade
& brimming with artistic flair kicks, I get a skip in my step, and
LOTS of compliments.  Check out their site & order a pair for
yourself, and for the special COOL people in your life!
Alex Horst Jewelry
Sweetie to Chelsea from Eye Candy Jewelry, Alex creates dazzling
art to wear incorporating fine metals and gemstones. "Simple
geometry and clean lines are the cornerstone to Alex Horst's
gemstone carvings and jewelry creations because they allow the
elegance and beauty of nature to speak for itself."
Check out his site and prepare to be dazzled!  
Adam Homan
Good friend of mine and amazing artist in metal.  Check out his site
for his inspired & humorous depictions of animals, dragons, people,
and birds ~ you will certainly think of many folks on your gift list
(including yourself!) when you see his art, and he will create a
custom piece for you, too.
Project Wildlife
Since 1972, Project Wildlife's dedicated volunteers have given injured, orphaned
and sick wild animals a second chance at life. This commitment to helping wild
animals has grown tremendously and Project Wildlife is now one of the largest
wildlife rehabilitation organizations in the country. Their medical staff and
volunteers now assist over 10,000 birds and mammals representing over 320
species each year.
Coronado Veterinary Hospital
Coronado Veterinary Hospital in Coronado, CA: A full service companion animal
hospital. Their mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary medical care in a
friendly, relaxed setting.  This is where I take my own kitties, and the entire staff
is amazingly kind, knowledgeable, and caring.  Dr. Stone is my all-time
recommendation for best vet & friend-to-the-animals!