Will you paint my dog? Cat? Deermouse? Chicken?

I will happily paint any animal you entrust to me. By sending
several photos and sharing your pet's special habits and
personailty with me, it really helps in capturing his or her
unique qualities on canvas. I would love to hear all of your
ideas about what you have in mind for your pet's special

What do your animal portraits run?

Prices are primarily determined by the size of your
painting, and if you'd like to include more than one animal.
Please contact me directly at  
marna@doggonitart.com and I
will be happy to send along a pricelist and current timeframe.

Do you ship across the country?

Yes, I ship primarily through FedEx and your painting will be
delivered fully insured. Prices on shipping vary with delivery
location and size of the painting. I will be able to give you a
shipping quote once you choose a size for your pet portrait.
If you happen to live in San Diego, I will be happy to deliver
your painting to you myself.

What sizes do you paint?

By taking a look at my gallery, you can get an idea of what
sizes I've done in the past. I can paint to almost any size
you'd like, however. Popular sizes have been 12x12". 18x18"
and 24 x 24. Several folks have commissioned two or four
paintings to be hung together--the square format works
great for this!

How long does a painting take?

My commission schedule varies, so if you have a special
occasion in mind for which you'd like to have a painting
created, please email me. I'll let you know my current
turnaround time & an estimated completion date.

Will the painting need a frame or any special hardware?

Your painting is delivered completely ready to display. For a
modern & versatile presentation, I paint my pet portraits on
gallery profile canvas, on 1 1/2"depth stretcher bars. Painted
around the sides, your pet portrait looks great unframed. It
is wired so it is ready to hang. For a slightly different look,  I
can now also offer to frame your painting in a gallery style
"floating frame". Please ask me for details and pricing.

Can you create a painting of an animal who has passed

Yes, this is a wonderful way to commemorate a beloved pet
that has passed. If you have even only a picture or two,
usually this is all I need to work from to help you remember
him or her, in a unique and joyful way.

Do you offer reproductions of your paintings?

Yes, for several of my paintings, I have limited-edition giclee
prints on canvas available, as well as archival matted prints
on paper. Please contact me to learn if there is a gallery in
your area carrying my paintings, or how to request a print
from me directly.

Who knows the most awesome cat or dog?

You do, of course! Celebrate his awesomeness and order a
painting of him today!!

If you didn't see the answers to your questions here,
please send me an email.  Copy and paste
marna@doggonitart.com into your email browser.
Thank you!
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Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler