Dog and Cat Art by Marna SchindleróCustom Pet Portraits
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Sadie & Maggie
Remembering two sweet souls & cherished family members
20x24, February 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sadie memorial cat portrait by Marna Schindler, from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Celebrating and remembering a special girl
(pictured also above, with her best buddy Maggie)
18x14, February 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sadie and Maggie memorial cat portrait by Marna Schindler, from Albuquerque, New Mexico
We are overjoyed with
our pictures of Sadie &
Maggie so lovingly
painted by Marna –
especially the painting
with the two of them
and the stars – it is a
daily reminder that they
are looking down on us
from the rainbow
bridge.  Just looking at
these pictures brings a
smile to my face and
brings back the 16 years
of love and fun with
those furry babies in our

The picture of Sadie
alone hangs in our
bedroom with the Lance
Green ‘Maggie’ picture,
and the picture of the
two of them is in our
study area off the
kitchen, which is a highly
trafficked area.  It
enjoys a spot right next
to a Mutts print…
~Betsy, Albuquerque, NM
Little Lucy, Beloved Yorkie living in Prescott, Arizona
Beloved Yorkie living in Prescott, Arizona
12x12, March 2015
Quetsy and Schrody checked
out their painting as soon as I
arrived.  Their reactions were
priceless!  What beautiful and
intelligent kitties!
(click on pictures to enlarge!)
We love it!  It
really captures
their personality.
~Rita, Rancho
Santa Fe, CA
Marna! That is so
perfect!  The girls
are going to love it!
~ Bill Cramer,
premier plein air
painter & friend,
Prescott, AZ
Porrait of Pampered Oli, Terrific Tabby living in Phoenix, AZ
Oli (Oliver Grey)
Terrific Tabby living in Phoenix, AZ
12x12, March 2015
Hello Miss. Marna,

Oh. My. Gosh!

We LOVE it! It's
amazing. Love,
love,love it!

I can't stop looking at
it. You captured our
precious "spoiled" little
fur kid perfectly. I am
beyond thrilled!!! The
black tie is awesome.

Thank you, thank you,
thank you!!!!! Amazing!

What a talent you
have! Knew it was
worth the wait. Thank
you, thank you, thank

Much appreciation,

Scott, Holly and Oli
Quetsy and Schrody
Amazing Occicats living in Rancho Santa Fe, CA
24x36, March 2015
Quetsy and Schrody
painting closeups
Pet Portrait of Amazing Occicats living in Rancho Santa Fe, by Marna Schindler
Jack & Rudy
Best Buds living happily in San Diego, CA
30x40", created October 2015
Pet portrait of Jack and Rudy from San Diego, CA by Marna Schindler
Goose, pet portrait of beautiful Bulldog from Phoenix, AZ
Gregarious Gal  & Beautiful Bulldog
living in Phoenix, AZ
20x20", created March 2015
In fond memory of a beloved companion
San Diego, CA
18x24", created August 2015
Cali, pet portrait of beloved companion fondly remembered, by Marna Schindler
In fond memory of a best friend
Scottsdale, Arizona
12x12" in floating maple frame,  created July 2015
Pittie Pet Portrait of Carl, rescued Pitbull from O fallon Illinois, by Marna Schindler
Celebrating a happily rescued &
fiercely loved family member
O Fallon, Illinois
12x12",  created June 2015
You are so incredibly
talented!  I LOVE LOVE
LOVE the Goose
painting!  I loved it in
the photos you sent
me, and it’s even better
in person!  I haven’t
given it to Parrish yet,
but he is going to be
speechless…I actually
think it may bring tears
to his eyes it’s so
perfect:)  Thank you
again for capturing our
furry kid and all of her
silly Gooseyness:) I can’
t thank you enough,
please let me know if
there is ever anything I
can do to help
services, setting up
your booth, being your
personal cheerleader,
-Stacey, Phoenix, AZ
I am in love with your
work and of course,
the subjects! I could
not be happier!  Jerry
and I love your
interpretation of our
"kids". I have shared
your name with a few
people and hope it
brings more work for
-Katie, San Diego, CA
We just love the
painting of Rascal! It
is such a sweet and
perfect memory of
her. Thank you so
-Noelle, San Diego, CA
O. M. effing G!  It's
I think you are a great
artist and that you
have chosen to use
your talent in a way
that betters lives,
helps preserve
precious memories,
and heals broken
hearts.  It is a rare
talent well used.  You
are a special lady.
-Andrew, Scottsdale, AZ
my gosh, Marna, you
have outdone yourself
with Carl!  It is
wonderful wonderful!!  
My mom, Todd, and I
are sitting here
speechless.  Just
amazing, I know you
are saying thank you
to me, but thank you
for capturing my kids.  
I feel like you know
them :-)
-Amy, O Fallon, IL
Pet portrait of Rascal, by Marna Schindler San Diego CA in memory
Fabulous Fox Terrier from Martinsburg, West Virginia
14x14", created December 2015
Precious Papillon from San Diego, CA
12x12", created December 2015
Presley, Daisy and Kingston
Celebrating a Royal King Charles Trio!
British Columbia
18x36" in floating maple frame,  created December 2015
Marna...You did a wonderful job..can't thank you enough. The picture got to the kids on time for Christmas and
in excellent condition. They were delighted and are looking forward to hanging it in their new home on the
West coast. Thanks again for this. ~ Bob and Lynda, Tempe, AZ
Shylee and Chancey
Remembering Chancey, and celebrating Shylee, best friends
from Rancho Santa Fe, CA
30x40", created November 2015
WOW!  You have really captured Chancey and Shylee.  I’m overwhelmed and will admit shedding tears when I
look at the painting.  Thanks you so much for your creativity on behalf of our special friends. ~Ellen
Beloved Keeshond from Painesville, Ohio
36x36", created November 2015
Hi Marna -

Just wanted to again say
how much we love the
painting of Kirby. I already
have a coworker who was
requesting your contact info
and I posted to the
keeshond group I'm part of
on Facebook to show your
work as well, already have a
few people asking for
contact info.  Just wanted to
let you know I'm hopefully
going to get a few leads for
you as we feel so blessed to
have worked with you.  Our
Kirby picture is the best
addition to the house since
we got him 3 years ago!!!

Happy holidays!!!

Marna: the painting of
our sweet Analaa
brought tears to my
eyes. Thank you so
much . . . you so caught
the essence of her
personality. Thank you
thank you thank you!
PS: Craig didn't even
hint, so I had no idea!
~ Allison, San Diego, CA
I returned home safely
and just completed
Christmas with my
family. Katie and I gave
my sister Michele her
painting of Pella and she
cried as soon as she
saw her face. She
recognized her right
away and said "that's
my stinky!!" Your
painting is a perfect
representation of her
and is the talk of the
evening. I thank you
from the bottom of my
heart for making this
Christmas surprise come
~ Christy

Pella also loved the
Pella with her painting!
(click to enlarge)
Beloved Pomeranian Rescue from Tijuana, living
happily in San Diego, CA
12x12, November 2015
Marna, We gave Barbara
her "Lilly" last night and
she was ecstatic!  She kept
saying, "That's Lilly!"  You
really captured her
essence and Barbara is
very happy and excited
about it!  What a talent
you have, Marna, to bring
joy to others!  Thank you
again, Marna, for 'making
our day'!  I know that
Barbara will treasure her
portrait always!
~Judi, Del Mar, CA
Pet portrait of Pella, Fox Terrier, by Marna Schindler Copyright all rights reserved
Papilon painting of Analaa from San Diego, CA by Marna Schindler
Pet portrait by Marna Schindler of Presley, Daisy and Kingston, King Charles Trio
Pet portrait of Kirby, from Painseville, Ohio, by Marna Schindler
Pet portrait of Shylee and Chancey by Marna Schindler
Pet Portrait of LilyBeloved Pomeranian Rescue from Tijuana, living happily in San Diego, CA
Murphy the Dapper Dachshund from Phoenix AZ, pet portrait by Marna Schindler
Dapper  Dachshund living in Phoenix, Arizona
20x20", created March 2016
Oh my gosh, I
recognize him! You
have captured his soul!
He looks adorable. I
love it!
Thank you, Marna. I will
be so proud to hang
this on my wall. Murphy
likes it too!!
~ Shirley