Memorial pet painting of Effie, from Springfield, Missouri
Pet portrait of Jasmine, from Phoenix, AZ
Dog and Cat Art by Marna SchindleróCustom Pet Portraits
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Portrait of Bella, the Beautiful Bulldog
Newport, Rhode Island
14x14",  Acrylic on canvas in maple frame
January 2014
Marna - it arrived
today!! I love it.  It is
her :) so amazing.
Thank you again!!
And thank you for the
notecards and extra
matted prints of her.
Portrait of Jasmine
Happily living in Phoenix, AZ
14x14",  Acrylic on canvas in maple frame,  January 2014
Hi Marna, FedEx  just
delivered the package,
you had it well wrapped.
Thank you for all the
beautiful cards, Jasmines
painting is very lovely, I
just love the painting.
She looks just like the
painting, you did a super
job of capturing her.  I
like the Certificate of
Pawthenticity, very

Thank you again very
much for painting our
sweet little Jasmine and
making her look fantastic.

Portrait of  Dobie
In fond memory of a great little buddy,  from Phoenix, AZ
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas,  January 2014
HI Marna,
i love the paintings of
Dobie and Molly.  Thanks
so much!! will try to stop
by and see you when
you're here for the
Tempe Festival in the

i will always have them
in my heart and now on  
my wall.

Lisa and the mutts
Portrait of  Molly
In fond memory of a very happy spirit,  from Phoenix, AZ
10x10",  Acrylic on canvas,  January 2014
Pet portrait of Bella the Bulldog from Newport Rhode Island
Pet portrait of Dobie, in fond memory
Pet Portrait of Avery, Beautiful Bichon from Carlsbad, San Diego, CA
Portrait of Avery
Beautiful Bichon living in Carlsbad, CA
18x18",  Acrylic on canvas in traditional wood frame
February 2014
My dad LOVED the
painting! He went
gaga over it!  You
made my dad's year!
Pet Portrait of Moses, from San Diego, Ca, in fond memory
Portrait of Moses, in fond memory
Much-loved Great Dane from San Diego, CA
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas
October 2013 (Presented February 2014)
We were finally able to
present your art work
to Melanie at our
Annual Meeting this
past Saturday.  She
was so moved by it,
that we needed to take
a time out for her to
compose herself.

On behalf of CCARES,
thank you for all you
did on our behalf.
Gloria Aberasturi,
Coronado Cares
Pet Portrait of Leggo, Awesome Aussie from Phoenix, Arizona by Marna Schindler
Pet portrait of Ajax, Awesome Aussie from Phoenix, Arizona by Marna Schindler
Portraits of Leggo & Ajax
Awesome Aussies from Phoenix, AZ
each 20x20",  Acrylic on canvas
February 2014
Memorial painting of Amelia, Dalmatian from Phnoenix, Arizona by Marna Schindler
Portrait of Amelia, in fond memory
Dear Dalmatian Soul-mate from Phoenix, AZ
20x16",  Acrylic on canvas
March 2014
In Fond Memory of Effie
The sweet little princess from Springfield, Missouri
18x18",  Acrylic on canvas
February 2014
Oh Marna!!! It's
beautiful!!! I LOVE it!!!
I am SO happy!!!! You
absolutely captured her
spirit and her sweet
personality. It's perfect!!
I absolutely cannot thank
you enough!! There are
no words that can
describe my gratitude
and appreciation for what
you have done. I actually
cannot stop crying right
I knew the moment I
saw your paintings, that
you were the perfect
artist to trust these
commissions to. I'm so
happy and pleased, I just
cannot express it!
-Cyndi, Phoenix, Arizona
I LOVE the paintings!
Thank you so much and
it was definitely worth
the wait. I was going to
hang them in my
bedroom but now I am
looking for spots in the
living room so everyone
can enjoy them.
Thank you for a great job!
-Kris, Phoenix, Arizona
Portrait of Teagan
Sweet Silver Lab living in Phoenix, AZ
20x20",  Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas
March 2014
Pet portrait of Teagan, silver lab from Phoenix, AZ
Been meaning to email
you about how great the
painting is and how much
it means to me.  You did
beyond an amazing job
and I can't wait until you
paint Liv.    You are truly
amazing and I can't
thank you enough.  
-Robert, Phoenix, Arizona
Jordan and Sullivan pet portrait
Jordan and Sullivan
in fond memory of Sullivan, and celebrating two best friends
24x30, November 2014, San Diego, CA
Pet portrait of Jordan and Sullivan, San Diego, Ca by Marna Schindler
Mr. W
Best Buddy French Bulldog in Woodside, CA
12x12 (in floating maple frame), December 2014
Mockup I created before
BARKing on Mr. W's
painting (showing main
reference photo we chose,
as well as a suggested
background). Jim (Mr. W's
dad) considered several
different photos, layouts,
and backgrounds before
choosing this one!
The primary RUFFerence
photo of Mr. W that we
decided to use for his
portrait. (As you'll see on
the left, we added a new
background featuring
lavender, blue, and bright
orange flowers to give Mr.
W in his painting a fun and
flowery place to romp!
Memorial pet portrait of Kiwi, beloved cat from Woodside, CA by Marna Schindler
Remembering beloved feline family member
from Woodside, CA
10x10, November  2014
Kiwi's reference photo
inspiring her special
memorial painting
Oh gosh, Marna, there  
were a few tears shed
as we opened Kiwi's
picture.  You do a
fantastic job and I could
feel her with me as I
look at her*:D big grin  
And the note cards were
extra special too...thank
you from the bottom of
our hearts!
~Mary, Woodside, CA
Mr W was delivered today. And he looks great!!  Thank you so much. Mr W hasn't seen his
portrait yet but I'll tell him not to let it go to his head when he does!  Very cool, he is
awesome. I knew you would capture him in all his glory. ~Jim
PAWSitively awesome  family member from Chicago, Illinois
12x12, in floating maple frame, December 2014
Your beautiful painting on
our wall.~ Chuck
Mockup incorporating Jordan
and Sullivan from different
pictures, with a Tuscan-style
The kids love the
picture.  Thank you for
all your hard work!
~ Patty
Remembering a cherished family member
12x12, June 2014, San Diego, CA
Pet portrait of Pita, beloved four legged family member from Phoenix, AZ by Marna Schindler
Awesome Aussies from Sun Lakes, Arizona
14x14,  Acrylic on canvas
May 2014
"This is the second
painting Marna has
done for me. This time,
however, it was for my
husband who lost his
sweet, Baby. It was a
surprise gift to him. I
supplied Marna with
several photos so she
could get a good feel
for Baby and her
expressions. Well, she
hit it spot on and made
a grown man cry! He
was blown away. Thank
you so much, Marna!
You really know how to
capture the soul in our
pets' eyes."
~Lisa, San Diego
Pet portrait of Corky by Marna Schindler, happy pup living in Vernon, British Columbia by Marna Schindler
Personality-plus family member living in Vernon, British
14x14, June 2014, San Diego, CA
it is just perfect! The
detail is amazing....the
pool, view, whiskers
and two squared off
canines, all so much
like the little Corkster
himself! Love it love it
and the cards were a
wonderful surprise!
Thank you! The girls
will sign one of the
cards and say it was
chosen as looks so
much like Corky, she
won't have a clue
...then voila the
painting!! Can't wait,
she is going to love it I
have no doubt.

Thx again Marna.
We got the portrait
yesterday and we
absolutely love it!  My
parents couldn’t believe
how much it looked like
her.  The cards and the
certificate were an added
bonus.  Thank you again
for everything!

Pet portrait of cherished Golden Retreiver from Asheville, North Carolina by Marna Schindler
Portrait of Milly
Gregarious Golden Retriever living in Asheville, North Carolina
20x20",  Acrylic on canvas
March 2014
Hi Marna-
My mother absolutely
LOVED the painting. Both
her and my father
thought that you
captured Milly's
personality perfectly and
I believe they already
have it hanging up in
their Family Room. I
believe that she adores
her Milly painting as much
as I love my Max painting
(it's the screensaver on
my phone and my
computer, as well as
hanging in our kitchen).

Thank you, again, for
sharing your incredible
~Courtney, Ponte Vedra
Beach, FL
Moses was the goodwill
ambassador at Wag N
Tails in Coronado, CA
and will always be
Pet portrait of Max from Ponte Vedra Beach Florida, by Marna Schindler
(click on Courtney's
portrait of Max for a
larger view!)
Hi Marna,
The painting arrived
yesterday, we opened
it last night and are
absolutely delighted
with the painting! It is
even more awesome in
person!!  The color of
her fur is perfect. All
the extra touches...the
cards, the certificate,
the note to us, the
details in everything
you did are simply
amazing!!  We are
absolutely thrilled!!!

Mom will break down in
tears of joy.   We know
she will love it and can
hardly wait to give it to

Your talent is truly
amazing, Marna!!
~ Debbie
Pet painting of Mr. W, French Bulldog from Woodside, CA