Pet portrait of Eddie the Dachshund from Palo Alto, CA
Portrait of  Eddie
Happy  Dachshund living with Martha, from Palo Alto, CA
14x14", Acrylic on canvas,  March 2013
Portrait of  Martha
Happy  Dachshund living with Eddie,  from Palo Alto, CA
14x18",  Acrylic on canvas,  March 2013
Dog and Cat Art by Marna SchindleróCustom Pet Portraits
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Memorial Pet Portrait of Snoozie, from Sacramento, CA
Portrait of  Snoozie
Remembering an old friend, from Sacramento, CA
14x14",  Acrylic on canvas,  May 2013
Pet Portrait of Pearl, from Phoenix, AZ
Portrait of  Pearl
Sweet Lab living in Phoenix, AZ
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas,  March 2013
Portrait of  Indiana and Emerson
Two inseparable buddies, living in Sedona, AZ
24x30",  Acrylic on canvas,  April 2013
We received the delivery
and have hung the
pictures.  Tami and I are
blown away by not only
your artistry, but with
your thoughtfulness
too.  I didn't tell her
about the cards, and
when she saw them,
she had tears of joy.  
The pictures brighten up
our room.  I've been
longing to have a picture
or painting dedicated to
Martha for what she
means to us and to
cherish when she
passes on. Then Eddie
came into our lives and I
still haven't found what
I wanted.  I am so glad
you were at the Palo Alto
Art Fest and I showed
Tami your work and
picture of Hank this is
what I wanted for our
dogs.  You've captured
Eddie's innocent charm
and Martha's
playfulness.  From my
own heart, thank you.  
I LOVE it! It is
absolutely perfect! The
coloring is wonderful.

You have so captured
her eyes. It is like she
is watching me.

I think you may get
some more business
from this!
It is amazing, I
love it. Thank you
again. Always
worth the wait...
Just wanted to
thank you for a
wonderful painting
of Snoozie...she is
just soooo cute!  
Love her!
Pet portrait of Dachshund James, from Fresh Meadows, New York
Portrait of  James
Happy  Dachshund living in Fresh Meadows, New York
18x24",  Acrylic on canvas,  January 2013
My wife and I picked up
the painting of James
from my sister-in-law
tonight, and we
absolutely love it! Thank
you so much for your
hard work on this -- it is
absolutely perfect. We
also appreciate the
thoughtfulness of the
James cards you printed
for us. My wife has
wanted personalized
cards for a long time to
use for any occasion so
they are perfect.
We are very happy
with our painting and
would be glad to tell
the world.
Thanks again,
Jake, Betty & James
Pet Portrait of Handsome Golden Retriever Curtis, from Del Mar, CA
Portrait of  Curtis
Handsome Golden Retriever living in Del Mar, CA
20x20",  Acrylic on canvas,  December 2012
Pet Portrait of Beufina, from Tempe, AZ
Portrait of  Beufina
Sweet little girl living in Tempe, Arizona
20x20",  Acrylic on canvas,  December 2012
The painting made it
safe and sound and
looks fantastic.  Right
now I have it hanging
in our bedroom!     
Everyone agreed that
you did an amazing
job with Beu’s eyes –
they are spot on.    
And the more I look
at the painting the
more I see little
things that you
caught….like the way
her hair on her ear
flips outward.   
Anyhow, it was a
great hit and
surprise.  Thank you
again for getting it
done and to my
parents’ house in
time for Christmas.
Memorial Pet Portrait of Mittens, from San Diego, CA
Portrait of Mittens
In fond memory of a sweet little girl, from San Diego, CA
16x16",  Acrylic on canvas,  December 2012
We just love it.  
We have it up on
our kitchen and it
is as if she is here
with us again. We
love all the colors
and how happy
she is. Thank you
so much.
Pet portrait of Emma, from Burbank, CA
Portrait of  Emma
Happy Rescue living in Burbank, CA with Buddy & Bear
20x20",  Acrylic on canvas,  January 2013
We love them!
Thank you so much
again from the bottom
of our hearts. We truly
love our dogs and you
brought tears to my
husbands eyes
knowing we will
always have these to
look at.
Pet portrait of Buddy
Portrait of  Buddy
Happy Rescue living in Burbank, CA with Emma & Bear
20x20",  Acrylic on canvas,  January 2013
Pet portrait of Bear from Burbank, CA
Portrait of  Bear
Happy Rescue living in Burbank, CA with Emma & Buddy
20x20",  Acrylic on canvas,  January 2013
Memorial pet portrait of Dominic, from Phoenix, Arizona
Portrait of Dominic
In fond memory of great little buddy, from Tempe, Arizona
8x8",  Acrylic on cradled birch,  December 2012
I think it is terrific.  
The half closed eyes
look captures his
confident persona.  I
can't wait to give it to
my husband.
Marna, It looks gorgeous.  Thank you. Dana
Pet Portrait of Ravi, from San Diego, CA
Portrait of Ravi
Celebrating a great little  addition to the family, in San Diego, CA
10x10",  Acrylic on canvas,  November 2012
The portrait of Ravi is
so unbelievably
wonderful - it truly
picks up on what he
is all about, and I
just LOVE it! Thanks
Marna, once again
you've worked your
Charlie the Aviator pet portrait
Portrait of  Charlie the Aviator
Charming Cocker Spaniel living in Pioneer, CA
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas,  November  2012
Portrait of  Jenny Rebecca
In Fond Memory of a true soulmate, from Riverside, CA
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas,  November  2012
Portrait of  Gracie
In Fond Memory of a great little girl,  from Riverside, CA
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas,  November  2012
I can’t thank you
enough for all your
beautiful and thoughtful
work  on my guys.   I
love Jenny’s’s
perfect!   It’s almost like
she has come back to
stay with me until my
time comes.   And now
she can be with Charlie
again... and my beautiful
Gracie can keep an eye
on all of them!!

Thanks so much for
everything. i’m so glad I
was able to meet you.
Dominc's memorial pet portrait being opened on Christmas
Jay, with portrait of
Dominic on Christmas
Dominic memorial pet portrait, in solid maple floating frame
We decided to frame
Dominic's painting in a
solid maple floating frame.  
The natural light maple
tones complement his fur,
and because his portrait is
only 8x8", the frame
finishes off the painting