Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
With bold strokes of vibrant color,celebrate your special pet in an
impressionistic work of contemporary art, by San Diego artist
Marna Schindler. Order a custom pet portrait today!
After earning a fine arts degree from San Diego State University,
Marna worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 15
years. Now a full-time painter, Marna finds inspiration daily from
her own fabulous feline Hopper, as well as from her travels across
the colorful southwest. Combining her deep affection for animals
and art, Marna “fell into” painting pet portraits a few years ago,
when a painting for a friend garnered an overwhelming response
(“Happy Hank”, above).  Marna delights in capturing the spirit of
her subjects using vivid color and a unique expressive style.  As
of 2008, Marna is honored to have already painted over 100 four-
legged friends.  A percentage of the proceeds from Marna’s pet
portraits is donated yearly to non-profit organizations and
shelters benefiting animals.  Marna currently lives and paints out
of her studio in downtown San Diego, California.
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12 x 12"
February 2008
Willy is a handsome orange tabby cat full of
purrrrsonality,  living with his adoring mom in Phoenix,
AZ. Her constant companion & "kitty soul-mate," Willy
has been with Holly since he was born. Willy has had
an incredible impact on her life in the 15 years they've
been together. To celebrate the happiness he brings,
Holly commissioned me to capture Willy in a painting
Happy Hank's—with Willy smiling, and "fun,
happy, and whimsical." I created a sketch to make
sure I was on the right track, and the result was the
portrait above. I am honored to have painted such a
cherished kitty!!
Willy's sketch
Marna, a million thanks for creating a portrait of my precious Willy I will cherish forever.  
The talent you have for capturing the pets personality through stories and photos is
remarkable. I absolutely love my portrait!  Thank you for being such a delight to work
with, you truly are a special gift to all of us pet lovers! - Holly
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Willy the Wonder Cat