Dog and Cat Art by Marna SchindleróCustom Pet Portraits
Marna, We love it, love
it. love it! You did a
great job. Thank you
so much. Now I am
anxious to show it off
to my friends and
coworkers, who heard
about it being in the
works, and some even
gave their advice early
on. What a great early
birthday gift.
Best wishes,
JP, San Diego, CA
Satchi and Ananda dog painting pet portrait San Diego
Thanks again Marna.
We will treasure this
AG, San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
30X40" Acrylic on Canvas, November 2010
the ever-happy pup from Del Mar, CA
18x18" Acrylic on Canvas, October 2010
Marna, Thank you so
much for helping us
create a very special
gift for two of our
amazing volunteers /
donors who do so
much to support our
kitties.  Your incredible
creations will be
cherished by them
always and we couldn't
have done that for
them without your
generosity and caring.
You're the best!  Joan
& all at The Rescue
House, Encinitas, CA
Beloved San Diego kitty, created for the Rescue House
12x12" Acrylic on Canvas, September 2010
Dexter cat portrait San Diego
In Memory of a very special soul, created for The Rescue House
12x12" Acrylic on Canvas, September 2010
Celebrating two sweet  girls in Dallas, TX
20x24" Acrylic on Canvas, September 2010
Hi Marna—
Looks unbelievable!  Thanks!
- Adam, Dallas, TX
pet portrait of Beau, dapper dog living in San Diego, CA
Hi Marna-
I LOVE Beau's painting and it
looks great in my house.  
Look forward to working
together on the next painting.
KS, San Diego, CA
Lovable lab in San Diego, CA
12x12" Acrylic on Canvas, September 2010
pet portrait in memory of Kahlua the cat, from San Diego, CA
Marna, thank you, this is
great. I hope that all of our
friends will see your artwork
in the house and ask where it
came from.  Everyone can use
a little cheer on their walls
even if it helps to mend a loss.
- Matt, Del Mar, CA
In fond memory of a beloved feline
14x18" Acrylic on Canvas, August 2010
Marna I absolutely LOVE LOVE
LOVE the painting you have
done. It could not be more
perfect! My Uncle sent me a
very emotional email about how
much it meant to him and how
absolutely beautiful it is (noting
the grass and stars!!) He said it
was the most meaningful gift he
has ever received and I have
you to thank for that.  It has
been a pleasure working with
you. Your work is beautiful and
inspirational.  I am sure I will be
in touch in the future when I am
more settled in my new place -
to have my own animals
remembered. Thank you again
for sharing your time and talent
with me.
- Tracie S, Chandler, Arizona
Remembering a lifelong companion
11x14" Acrylic on Canvas, July 2010
Scaredy, cat portrait celebrating a lifelong companion
I love Scardey's portrait.  It
looks just like her.  Again, you
captured our precious pet
purrfectly!  Thank you so
much for blessing us with this
beautiful painting.

Thank you also for all the
great goodies.  Oliver is
jealous...he can't wait for his
turn next. - Holly, Phoenix, AZ
celebrating a longtime companion
12x12" Acrylic on Canvas, July 2010
Seal cat portrait
I’m just completely
overwhelmed and touched
by your generosity--and by
seeing my Seal so
beautifully portrayed. It’s
simply wonderful, and very
heartfelt. Thank you so
Those eyes….just perfect!
Thank you so much for
such a beautiful and
personal gift!!
-KH, Phoenix, AZ
in honor of a very special 20 year companion
8x8" Acrylic on Cradled Birch, July 2010
Little Blue Eyes cat portrait, inspired by Natasha kitty in san Diego, CA
8X8" Acrylic on cradled birch panel buddies
clockwise from top left:
June, 2010
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pet portrait of Bea, sweet beagle living in San Diego, CA
Beloved Beagle from San Diego, CA
14x14" Acrylic on Canvas, November 2010
Toby cat portrait San Diego
Brinkley and Mela pet portrait by Marna Schindler
Hello Marna,
We hung Caspi’s painting
today in our son's room.  It
looks amazingly great!  Thank
you again! - FG, Del Mar, CA
Caspi dog portrait San Diego