Catalina sitting in front of her portrait
Dog and Cat Art by Marna SchindleróCustom Pet Portraits
Oh my gosh, I think my
heart has stopped!!! That
IS Duffy!  It is EXACTLY
him...the eyes, the
expression, everything!  It
is absolutely perfect.  
We're so excited to be able
to own this treasure....I
cannot get over how
amazingly you captured's far beyond what I
could have imagined.   
Wow, wow, wow! This is so
wonderful, thank you!
Don & Neva, Oceanside, CA
Photo of the real life Duffy!
the charismatic canine in Phoenix, AZ
14x14" Acrylic on Canvas, June 2010
Oh Marna, I can’t tell how beautiful it is. Maggie looks amazing hanging on
the wall. You were absolutely right about the size. Is perfect. You
completely captured her personality too. (I didn’t know that could be done.
She has “attitude” in the painting just like she has in real life!). I can’t stop
staring at it. It is so perfect, it's like you read my mind. I love the little
flowers and the cactus too. I love it love it love it. - Kelly, Phoenix, Arizona
Marna, I just wanted to
thank you and let you
know how much I love the
painting.  As Andy
probably told you, Blake
and Kyle have been like
children to me.  I lost Kyle
last year, but he lives in
on in my and Blake's
hearts and in your
painting.  Thank you again.
- Ray, Irvine, CA
together forever in spirit
14x18" Acrylic on Canvas, June 2010
The Daisy painting was a
huge success! My sister
cried when she opened it,
and she said it was by far
the best gift she received
for her wedding. Thank
you again for making the
portrait possible and for
upgrading the size. I can't
tell you how much I
appreciate it.
-Shannon, San Diego, CA
I absolutely love it.  You
actually brought me to
tears!  You really made
my day. Thank you. CS,
Alberta, Canada
Jake. Cody and Reno, Belmont, NH
The painting is beyond
what I could have
imagined it could be.  
The colors are
magnificent.  It was
well worth the wait,
thank you so much.
AW, Belmont, NH
JAKE, CODY & RENO, Belmont, NH
30x40", April 2010
Client ideas for
Misty's portrait:
Neutrals, subdued,
natural colors,
maybe a light
colored background
in a warm tone.
MISTY, San Diego, CA
18x18" Acrylic on Canvas, April 2010
Client ideas for
Catalina's portrait:
"As for backgrounds,
I like the ones that
are a bit more
abstract. fern
leaves, spirals that
sort of thing."
CATALINA, New Zealand
12x12" Acrylic on Canvas, April 2010
I will treasure the
painting of Sam as
long as I'm alive
and then some.
J, Phoenix, AZ
SAMSON, in fond memory, Phoenix, AZ
10x10" Acrylic on Canvas, April 2010
It looks amazing.
Great job!! Thank
you so much.  My
Grandma is so
happy with it.
WL, San Diego, CA
DAZI, the Friends of Cats Raffle Winner, San Diego, CA
20x20" Acrylic on Canvas, April 2010
Pet portrait of Buddy, the Awesome Australian Shepherd from Phoenix
Thank you so much!
I just love it and in
person it is better than
I could have imagined!
Kelly, Phoenix, AZ
BUDDY, the Fabulous Australian Shepherd from Phoenix!
24x24" Acrylic on Canvas, March 2010
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the distinguished & dapper cockapoo from Oceanside, CA
16x20" Acrylic on Canvas, July 2010
gregarious Golden Doodle from Alberta, Canada
8x8" Acrylic on Cradled Birch, June 2010
Maggie from AZ pet portrait
sweet girl with her inseparable tennis ball!
16x20" Acrylic on Canvas, June 2010
Blake and Kyle, inseparable souls
Daisy pet portrait, from San Diego, CA
Duffy, pet portrait of handsome Oceanside cockapoo, San Diego, CA
pet portrait of Misty, from San Diego, CA
In Font Memory of Samson, Phoenix, AZ
Catalina, New Zealand
pet portrait of the mini schnauzer Dazi, from San Diego, CA
Marna, Thank you
You did such an
awesome job on the
Carrie, New Zealand