Dog and Cat Art by Marna SchindleróCustom Pet Portraits
Photo of the real-life sweetie, Belle
Painting of Belle in maple gallery frame
BELLE in maple floating frame
Received my paintings of
Cinnamon and Miracle for
Christmas. A gift from Ali
and my dad  who have
already had pictures of
their pets done by you. All
I can say is that they are
beautiful! One of the best
gifts ever. You captured
my little Cinnamon's
expression and stance
perfectly! Kellie,
Tallahassee, FL
Commission portrait of Cinnamon
Cherished pup living in Tallahassee, Florida
12x12" Acrylic on Canvas, December 2010
Our "miracle" cat is precious
to our family. My daughter
named her after we rescued
her off the side of the highway
after being hit by a car. She
was our miracle kitty. Thank
you so much for your beautiful
work!!! Kellie, Tallahassee, FL
Commissioned portrait of Miracle
"Miracle kitty" of Tallahassee, Florida
Rescued to health by Taylor Grace
12x12" Acrylic on Canvas, December 2010
The portraits arrived safely
in Florida yesterday.  
Everyone was so thrilled!  
Both couples said these
were the best Christmas
presents ever.  Thank you
so much once again! Best
wishes for a Merry
Christmas and Happy New
Ali, Raleigh, North Carolina
Commissioned portrait of Oscar
Adorable daschund living in Tampa, Florida
12x12" Acrylic on Canvas, December 2010
Hi Marna,
We (your painting),
my daughters and I
made it to Tucson
yesterday.  We had
an early Christmas
this morning - as
the attached will
attest my parents
are quite pleased!
All the best,
Chris, San Diego, CA
Commissioned portrait of Lady
Sweet Sheltie from Tucson, Arizona
20x20" , December 2010
Commissioned portrait of Pj
Prized pug in San Diego, CA
14X14",  December 2010
Pj in maple floating frame
Marna, Thank you so so much!  I just LOVE the painting.  I am so honored to have received some of
your artwork - and I know Pj will be super proud when everyone sees the results on Christmas day.
I have already recommended you to two of my pet-loving friends. Enjoy the holidays and know that
you are appreciated here in Kensington!  Take care, Liz, Kensington, San Diego, CA
The painting will be
awesome.... Lovely
And my wife will adore it.
She loves Lucy
tremendously and and has
always admired kathi's
paintings "Beau and Bella."
She has no idea this is
coming.  Thank you!
Frank S, San Diego, CA
Commissioned portrait of Lucy
Adored German Shepherd in San Diego, CA
12x12" ,  December 2010
It's wonderful.  I am sure
this painting will have a
special place in her home,
just as Jimmy had a special
place in my daughter’s
heart.  She was very
pleased and loved the
certificate. Thank you again.
CD, San Diego, CA
Commissioned portrait of Jimmy
in honor of a best friend & beloved family member
8x8" Acrylic on Cradled Birch, November 2010
Pepper mini schnauzer pet portrait from Knoxville, TN
Another great portrait
of one of “our girls.”  
Thanks for completing
the last of our Fab
Four.  All four of our
girls are now home.  
Thanks for making us
so happy.
Chris & Paul,
Knoxville, Tennessee
Commissioned portrait of Pepper
remembering a great little girl
from Knoxville, Tennessee
11x14" ,  November 2010
KOKO!!''s Lookout, the mini schnauzer from Knoxville, Tennessee
Now we have pics of
K! coming and going!
The painting of  K's
tush if a huge hit.
Chris & Paul,
Knoxville, Tennessee
Commissioned portrait of KOKO!!: "KOKO!!'s Lookout"
celebrating KOKO!!'s memory in Knoxville, Tennessee
11x14" Acrylic on Canvas, November 2010
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Commissioned portrait of Belle
Phoenix, AZ, 12x12" , January 2011
Our daughter loves her cat, Belle.  Coming in a close second
is the wonderful portrait of Belle you painted of her.  It was
a birthday present our daughter will never forget.  Thank
you for what is sure to become a family heirloom.
- Andy T & Barb K, Phoenix, AZ
Pet Portrait of Oscar, living in Riverview, Florida
Lucy, pet portrait of Beloved German Shepherd living in San Diego, CA
in memory of Jimmy, cat pet portrait of sweet boy from San Diego, CA
Cinnamon portrait
Portrait of Miracle, the miracle kitty living in Tallahassee, Florida
Pj the Pug Pet Portrait, San Diego, CA
pet portrait of Saxo, the sweet german shepherd mix in San Diego, CA
Commissoned portrait of SAXO, sweet german
shepherd mix,  San Diego CA, 18x18" ,  March 2011
Commissioned portrait of Fallon,
the awesome aussie girl  from Phoenix, AZ
24x24" ,  March 2011
Fallon, pet portrait of the fabulous aussie from Phoenix, AZ
Commissioned portrait of  The Chis!
from Enid, Oklahoma, 24x30",  April 2011
Commissioned portrait of Pablo,
the adorable chihuahua/fox terrier mix
from San Diego, CA,  14x14",  April 2011
Lady pet portrait, sweet sheltie in Tucson , Arizona
Pet portrait of Belle the beloved kitty
My painting totally
exceeded my
expectations, I came
home from Italy, my
husband had it laid out
waiting for me,  I was
more than pleased,
needless to say it is
fantastic!!!!!!  I think
my husband was more
excited than I was
about it! I can't
believe how you
captured their
Thanks again.
- MM, Enid, Oklahoma
Fallon's portrait is
great!  I'm so excited
to get my Fabulous
Fallon to add to my
-KF, Phoenix, AZ
Wow! All I can say is
that when I saw the
portrait it brought tears
to my eyes.  You really
captured her facial
expression just as I
wanted.  I look forward
to seeing all the pups
come to life on canvas.
-LB, San Diego, CA
Again I do not have words to
describe how incredible the
painting have truly
and beautifully captured his
heart and soul. Your talent is
astonishing not just as a
painter but as a person
capable of reaching into the
hearts of others!!! I am
crying as I write this to you!!
Thank you thank you thank
Tina Walshaw, San Diego, CA
Commissioned pet portrait of Pablo, from San Diego, CA
Commissioned portrait of Boo,
in loving memory of a longtime companion  & friend
20x20" ,  February 2011
I LOVE your work. You
did such a great job on
Boo's painting.  Also, I
checked out your
website gallery...
Have a great day, and
please know that I am
serious about getting
more of your work.
Deborah, La Jolla, CA