Enrique the donkey with his pet portrait
Dog and Cat Art by Marna SchindleróCustom Pet Portraits
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Portrait of  Gia
Sweet little girl living in Oceanside, CA
20x20", Acrylic on canvas,  May 2013
Hi Marna,
Words cannot
express how
awesome Gia's
portrait is. It was well
worth the wait. You
have captured her
soulful eyes. My
husband and I both
discovered that her
eyes in the portrait
follow us everywhere
in the room. It is my
most valued
treasure. Thank you
so much for such an
incredible portrait.
Pet portrait of Baxter, Phoebe and Josie, from Morro Bay, CA
Portrait of  Baxter, Phoebe and Josie
Baxter & Phoebe, living in Morro Bay; Josie in fond memory
24x36",  Acrylic on canvas,  June 2013
Memorial Pet portrait of Kenny, from Coronado CA
Portrait of  Kenny
In fond memory, from Coronado, CA
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas,  June 2013
Memorial pet portrait of Clyde, from Albuquerque, NM
Portrait of  Clyde
In memory of a great friend & family member, from Albuquerque, NM
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas,  April 2013
Marna, We received
our Clyde painting on
Tuesday. It's so
beautiful! It perfectly
captures how I
remember him from
that moment. Brady
absolutely loves it. I
wanted to send along
a photo of the two
brothers reunited.
Thanks for
everything.  - Mandy
This is just great
as usual. You have
really captured his
eyes and his
Clyde's painting with
limited edition giclee
of Murphy
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Pet Portrait of Gia, from Oceanside, CA
Gia and her painting
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Gia at home with her pet portrait
We just picked up the
painting. It looks great.  
Janet is ecstatic.  Thank
you! David, Morro Bay
Baxter and Phoebe in front of their pet portrait and Morro Bay!
Memorial pet portrait of Smokey, from Phoenix, Arizona
Portrait of  Smokey
In fond memory of a dear family member
from Phoenix, Arizona
12x12",  Acrylic on canvas,  June 2013
What a great job, Pam
loved it.  Not everyone
loves animals in the
world but I know that
you are like us and that
they mean so much to
us. They're not just a
pet, they really are a
part of your family and
losing one that you're
so close to is so hard.
We're picking out a spot
on the wall in the living
room for him near
where Pumbaa's
painting is.

So glad we met you in
Tempe years back.
Thanks so much Marna!
Portrait of  Henry, in front of the USS
Princeton & the Coronado Bridge
In fond memory of a beloved buddy
from San Diego, CA
20x20",  Acrylic on canvas,  July 2013
Portrait of  Spazzy
In loving memory of the  sweetest boy
{he will never be forgotten!}
from Cleveland Heights, OH
24x18",  Acrylic on canvas,  July 2013
Henry was smart,
loyal, sweet and
mischievous enough
to give us 13 years
of crazy stories that
we will never forget.  
We are thrilled with
his painting, it
makes us so happy.
J'aime & Jim
Smokey's memorial pet portrait, in solid maple floating frame
Smokey's painting,
framed in a solid maple
"floating" frame
Memorial of Henry Pet Portrait, with USS Princeton and the Coronado Bridge
Pet portrait of Zoe, the adorable mini-schnauzer, from Knoxville Tennessee
Portrait of  Zöe
Adored Mini-Schnauzer from Knoxville, Tennesee
12x12", Acrylic on canvas,  November 2013
Portrait of Handsome
Charming Dachshund living in San Diego, CA
14x114", Acrylic on canvas,  November 2013
Pet portrait of Handsome, Dashchund from San Diego, CA
Pet portrait of Jacob, J-bird, Birdie, living in San Diego, CA
Portrait of Jacob, "J-Bird, Jacob, Birdie, "The Bird"
Old Soul and King of the House in San Diego, CA
18x18",  Acrylic on canvas,  November 2013
Best buddy donkey Enrique living in Glenarm, Maryland
Portrait of  Enrique
Much-loved Donkey living in Glenarm, Maryland
24x18",  Acrylic on canvas,  October 2013
Enrique with his portrait
(Hey mom, that's me!)

and from Enrique's "grandpa":
"the painting is a success!"
-Dallas, San Diego, CA
Portrait of  Pumpkin Pie
Very happy girl in Oceanside, CA
14x14",  Acrylic on canvas,  September 2013
Portrait of Ruby
Wedding Gift to celebrate a cherished pup in Durango, CO
8x8", Acrylic on cradled wood,  September 2013
Portrait of Sammi the pug
Portrait of Sammi
Perfectly pampered Pug living in Durham, North Carolina
14x14", Acrylic on canvas,  September 2013
Oh, I just LOVE it!  I am
glad I waited.  You are so
popular and probably
everyone wants your
paintings, I'm just happy
to be able to hang the
picture!  Beautiful.
You art is WONDERFUL.  
Thanks again.
-Sharon, Oceanside, CA
it is perfect, perfect,
perfect.  Ruby is kind of a
"dark" doggy, so all of the
colorful flowers make the
painting so cheerful.  My
friend Alison is going to
FLIP when she sees it.  It
is everything I wanted and
more.... Thank you,
Marna!You seriously blow
my mind with your
attention to detail,
whimsy, talent, and
"whole package" kind of
presentation.  The
certificate, the stationery...
it was all above and
beyond my expectations.
Cody, Prescott, AZ
Ruby pet painting in floating frame
My daughter received it
yesterday and we love it.  
Thanks so much.
Deborah, Dallas, Texas
Wow -- this is great!  I
broke down and showed
Paul and he really likes it
as is.  You have me as a
critic and I think you are
FABULOUS!   She is the
"youngun" of the bunch so
this fits her.

We are just thrilled that
we will have another of
your paintings.
Chris, Knoxville, Tennessee
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