Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
In honor & memory of KOKO!!
KOKO!! the miniature schnauzer
was delivered in a bathtub by
her mom, Chris, in Knoxville,
Tennessee in 1996. Four years
later, KOKO!! was diagnosed
with lymphoma. After
chemotherapy and four
surgeries,  KOKO!! was in
remission and became the
longest survivor of lymphoma at
the University of Tennessee.

In January 2008, KOKO!!
started collapsing and was
diagnosed as having sick sinus
syndrome – a heart issue.  
KOKO!!'s parents went back to
the University of Tennessee,
where KOKO!! ultimately
received a pacemaker on the
11th of June, 2008. During
surgery,she had gone into
cardiac arrest four times
(essentially dying four times).

Chris and KOKO!! have become
dear friends. KOKO!! lived to
see her 14th birthday—an
amazing accomplishment—and
will live, always, in her parents'
hearts.  I will miss her too.
Pet portrait commission of KOKO!!
12 x 12", May 2008
KOKO!! looking irresistible, as she always was!
July 3, 1996 - July 21, 2010
KOKO!! on the lookout
(her painting below!)
KOKO!! and her doggie-mom, Karma
Our portrait was delivered this
morning. More beautiful than I
could have ever imagined.  It's
perfect in every way and we are so
happy with it. So is K! You really
captured the essence of her being.
- Chris, Knoxville, TN
KOKO!! never felt less than the amazing
superstar she was.
DoggonitArt and all paintings copyright 2010 Marna Schindler. All rights for reproduction remain with the artist.
Pet portrait celebrating KOKO!!
Commission of KOKO!!
celebrating her memory & spirit
11x14", Nov 2010