Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
Cloe, Rookie, and Sadie
Sharing a home with Lola the escape cat
from Philly, Cloe, Rookie and Sadie also
have personalities all their own, and their
parents wanted to show them off. Cloe
loves to play at the beach, so she is
pictured  scoping out the best waves.
Rookie loves to hunt & roam, so he looks
out proudly from stalks of grass.  Sadie is
sweet and mild-mannered, so she sits
amidst a flowery field which speaks to her
"girly" side.  Together with Lola, they keep
their friends Jodi and Doug with a house full
of furry fun!
Top: Cloe
Bottom Left: Rookie
Bottom Right: Sadie
each 12 x 12 inches
Created August-September 2007
I love it. I love the background being blades of grass/plants...because he goes hunting every other
weekend and runs through the tall grass to find birds and point them out. It is amazing. These are the
best presents ever, even if they are for myself. The paintings put a smile my face that lasts for days!!!!
Thank you - Jodi (about Rookie's painting)

YEAHHH! My dream come true. My furry family is so perfect. I cannot thank you enough. You are a
true genius. I especially love how each background is so perfect with their personalities. I also think
that the backgrounds are going to look awesome on one wall. You are the best! - Jodi

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The Philly Critters