Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
Summertime Pets with Pop!
We appreciate your being so
receptive to painting a parrot.
We are thrilled with the result
and I know that Buckwheat is
honored to be your first Parrot!
It is wonderful that you were able
to capture her spirit reflected in
her eyes. I look forward to
having you paint our two other
parrots. You are a true
professional and it was a joy to
receive this beautiful piece of art.
-Janice and David, Coronado, CA
August 2008
I'm still in awe over Max's
painting. You really captured
his soul in his eyes. I feel he
really is watching over me. I
get teary looking at it, yet it
makes me happy. You really
have a gift.... Thank you,
Marna. - Lisa, San Diego, CA
Max (In Memory)
August 2008
Heidi and Misty (In Memory)
August 2008
Mandy and Tinkerbelle
August 2008
July 2008
I was so pleased with my
recent commissioned portrait
from Marna Schindler at
Doggonitart that I feel
compelled to write an
unsolicited letter of
recommendation on her
behalf...Thank you Marna
for making me smile every
time I see my portrait!
- Michelle R, Chandler, AZ
(see entire letter
by clicking here)
July 2008
Lula's painting
in its custom floating frame
Georgia and Hilton pet portrait, July 2008
I just wanted to
thank-you for the
beautiful painting of our
dogs. It is truly
spectacular-- it is so
realistic in likeness, yet
the style of painting is
loose and so our style. It
is something that we will
treasure forever,
thank-you very much for
it. -Libby & Mike,
Hilton Head, SC
Georgia and Hilton
11 x 14"
July 2008
Puka pet portrait, July 2008
My family loves  
Puka's painting. I
received it today and
put it up on my wall.
You will probably get
more orders now from
the group in Arizona.
Thanks again.
- Sharon, Phoenix, AZ
10 x 10"
July 2008
What a beautiful
painting! You truly
caught the essence of
Cleo. I couldn't have
asked for anything
more. I am so happy,
I love her painting.
- Jose, Chula Vista, CA
Cleo (in fond memory)
11 x 14"
July 2008
Sabina and Nelson pet portrait, July 2008
Sabina and Nelson
(Dog Beach, Coronado)
20 x 24"
July 2008
DoggonitArt and all images copyright 2010 Marna Schindler. All rights for reproduction remain with the artist.
With two beloved--and aging--dogs, our family wanted a special and permanent way to express
our love and appreciation for our canine companions and Marna's work of art was the perfect
means to do that.  She is passionate in what she does and you see the wonderful end result.  It's
just hard to take your eyes off her work when her work is yours and hanging in your home."
- Tim & Brenda, Clear Lake City, TX