Dog and Cat Art by Marna SchindleróCustom Pet Portraits
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Jaime, Bassett pet portrait from O'Fallon, IL
Portrait of Claudia
Beautiful Bassett, and part of the
Happy Trio living in O'Fallon, Illinios
12x12", August 2011
Portrait of Jaime
Another Beautiful Bassett, and part of the
Happy Trio living in O'Fallon, Illinois
12x12", August 2011
Playful & Gregarious Pit, and part of
Happy Trio living in O'Fallon, Illinois
12x12" ,  August 2011
Wonderful wonderful
wonderful!!!!  Oh my
gosh.  I knew they would
be great but I am
speechless.  The paintings
are amazing and all of the
other goodies ... All I can
say is thank you.  You
have made our year,
maybe our next few years.
From the bottom of our
hearts, thank you.
- Amy, Todd, Jaime,
Claudia and Ellie :)  
O'Fallon, IL
RC, Buddy and Doc pet portrait celebrating best friends forever
Portrait of RC, Buddy & Doc
Celebrating Best Friends Forever, in Portland, Oregon
20x24", August 2011
Marna, the painting of R.C. the Cat & Buddy & Doc is just
perfect~~~!  It'll be a wonderful tribute to some special critters! -
Joan & Charles, Portland, Oregon
Pet portrait in memory of Lovely Lucy, from Lexington Park Maryland
Portrait of Lucy
Remembering a beloved friend and companion
from Lexington Park, Maryland
20x20" ,  June 2011
Wow that turned out really
nice! It's most likely going
on a yellow/goldenrod sort
of wall so the blues will be
perfect. (When it arrived) it
made me cry so I think that
means you did a wonderful
job. Thank you.
Wade, Lexington Park,
Staffordshire Bull Terrier pet portrait of Gator the gregarious boy!
Portrait of Gator
Strapping & Sprightly Staffordshire Bull Terrier
from Dallas, Texas
20x24", June 2011
Marna!!!!!  Oh my goodness it is perfection!!!  I couldn't be happier
with the way it turned out!  Thank you so so much!  You are
incredibly talented!!!  - Kim, Dallas, Texas
Portrait of Polly, in fond memory
Celebrating a longtime companion, family member, and best
friend; born in Taiwan and living the rest of her
happy years in Canada
18x18",  April 2011
Commissioned pet portrait of Polly, in fond memory
Set of 3 commissioned paintings of Oliver
adopted 5/13/07;  shelter dog turned king!
Living happily in San Diego, CA
each 12x12", June 2011
Pet portrait of Oliver, with tennis ball, from San Diego
Pet portrait of Oliver, with party hat, from San Diego
Pet portrait of Oliver, graduating from Harvard, from San Diego
OMG!!!! The paintings
are amazing!!!! I can't
wait to hang them up,
they are better than I
imagined. Marna they
brought tears to my
eyes, I'm so happy and
I'm sure anyone who l
knows Oliver will
appreciate them as I do.  
It was certainly worth the
wait....thank you so
much for all the extra
details you put into them,
it really shows your love
for your art.  Thanks
again for all your hard
work, I'm delighted, I
couldn't be happier with
the results. - Eleonor R,
San Diego, CA
Claudia pet portrait
Ellie pet portrait
You have captured the very essence of Polly. Her eyes are perfect!
My husband noted immediately that no matter where he was in the dining
room or living room, Polly was watching – NOT in a creepy way at all.  Her
portrait posture coincidentally mimics how Polly always kept watch over us
in order to not miss any possible fun adventure or a tidbit of food being
offered to her – she was forever the optimist.  I expected to feel sad
seeing the painting but the house now feels complete again with Polly
gracing our walls.
Thank you again Marna. Your artistic giftedness has brought Polly back to
me.  - Martine, British Columbia
Pet portrait of Jack, beloved Jack Russell living in San Diego, CA
Portrait of Jack
Beloved Jack Russell Terrier living in San Diego, CA
24x30", October 2011
Pet portrait of Gretchen & Jacob, Shelties from Knoxville, TN
Portrait of Gretchen & Jacob
Stunning Shelties  living in Knoxville, Tennessee
24x30", October 2011
Hi Marna,
Just wanted to
shoot you an email
and share with you
where Oliver's
pictures have been
placed. I had them
placed the very
next day!!
Take care,
Oliver & Company
Portrait of Aubie and Rudy, two dashing Daschshunds!
Portrait of Aubie and Rudy
Two Dashing Daschshunds living in San Diego, CA
20x24", August 2011
Polly,  I feel like I met
you even though you had
already gone over the
rainbow bridge.  It was
an honor to paint you,
and I felt your spirit
guiding my brush. Thank
you for the happiness
you brought to the world!
- Marna
Polly's painting, in her home in British Columbia
The painting is
amazing! I was
squealing with
excitement! Definitely
worth the wait (as we
knew it would be).
Thank you sooo
much for this. I am
completely obsessed
with 'the weenies'
and cannot wait to
get this up and show
all my friends!
LW, Coronado, CA
Larry commissioned golden retriever painting
Portrait of Larry
Gregarious Golden Retriever living in Albuquerque, NM
14x18", October 2011
I have the portrait of
Gretchen and Jacob up
on the wall and just
love it.  You really
truly outdid yourself
with this one.  Their
expressions are
perfect, and you can
really see that these
two littermates are
best friends.  It's a

Thank you so very
much.  The final
product was well worth
the wait.
-Nancy P, Knoxville, TN
Hi Marna, I picked up
the picture today.
Larry and I are
thrilled with it. Thanks
for the packet with
the certificate and the
note cards. I will
definitely be showing
these to friends and
-AH, Albuquerque, NM
Cokkie, posing like the diva she is, in front of
her painting and those of her siblings Jacob &
Gretchen, and Reilly & Bailey.
Jacob with his portrait
Gretchen with her portrait
Gretchen sitting in
front of her portrait
Jacob sitting in
front of his portrait
(Thank you Nancy, for sending me these great photos
of your pups and your paintings!)
Pet portrait of Zoe, in fond memory, from Vancouver, Canada by Marna Schindler
Portrait of Zoë
Fomdly remembered feline and best buddy from
Vancouver, Canada  20x20",  November 2011
I cant stop looking at
her...it's so Zoe,
It's bang on. You have
totally captured my
Llittle Angel.  I am so
thrilled Marna!!!
-Susan, Vancouver,
Marna, you captured
the essence of jack
perfectly ~ this
painting will always be
a wonderful
remembrance for my
- LH, San Diego, CA