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pet portrait of Jessie, sweet golden retriever from San Diego, CA
JESSIE (in fond memory)
, December 2009
pet portrait of Roxy the fabulous Pit Bull living in San Diego, CA
Your impression of our
delightful "Roxy" is
just wonderful. You
have captured her
eyes just as they are!
- LW, San Diego, CA
ROXY (the fabulous Pit Bull rescue girl!)
, December 2009
Ted was thrilled with
the painting of
Cubby.  You really
captured her sparkle!
Thanks again.
- AL, Knoxville, TN
, December 2009
Wrigley J. Dog Pet Portrait
Thanks for delivering
the painting yesterday.
We both LOVE it.  
Thanks for making this
happen. Plus you did a
great job of wrapping
it! - J&T, Irvine, CA
WRIGLEY J. DOG (in fond memory)
, December 2009
Marna, You have outdone
yourself.  The portrait of
Millie is breathless. It is
proudly being displayed in
our dining room. I even
have it as the background
on my computer.  Thank
you, thank you!!
- BR, Tucson, AZ
, November 2009
I couldn't be any happier
with the painting!!! It is
exactly what I wanted.  
It brings a tear to my
eye...thank you!
- Mary, San Diego
, November 2009
We love Schotzie's
painting. We are thrilled!
- Chris, Knoxville, TN
, November 2009
Hobbes Pet Portrait
, November 2009
Wow! Hobbes' portrait is painting is beautiful and the
color is unbelievable.   Once again you have been
amazing, completely capturing the real Hobbes.
Thank you so much! - Ali, Raleigh, NC
Lola Pet Portrait from San Diego, CA
The painting of Lola is
terrific. Thank you!
-LG, San Diego, CA
, October 2009
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pet portrait of Lucille, living in Coronado, CA
Portrait of Millie the Beautiful Boxer
Schotzie Pet Portrait
Cubby, Yorkie pet portrait
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painting of Jessie!
Thank you.
GF, San Diego, CA