Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
The painting is so
beautiful,  I'm sure
my father-in-law is
going to love it.  
Thank you so much.
-SM, San Diego, CA
, October 2009
Pet portraits of Boo, Smokey and Oakley
Boo & Smokey (African Greys) and Oakley (Lab & seeing-eye companion)
each 12x12"
, September 2009
The paintings are truly wonderful and really capture each of
the personalities so well. I love all 3!! - JS, Coronado, CA
Portrait of Tigger and Macy
Tigger and Macy were  
inseparable friends who lit up
their family's lives for almost two
decades. These beloved kitties
touched my heart.
Everybody who has seen it
really loves the paining of Tigger
and Macy. Thanks again - your
painting is hanging in a
prominent place in our home!
- Tim & Laura, Knoxville, TN
MACY & TIGGER (in fond memory)
best buddies
, September 2009
I am so in love with
Big George's painting-
it is amazing and just
so him!  I couldn't be
- J, San Diego, CA
, August 2009
Lola the Malti-Poo's pet portrait
The portrait is
gorgeous. (Now, I
want individual
portraits of the boys!)
The color is perfect.
The texture of her
coat is fantastic. It is
exquisite. Many,
many thanks!
- JL, Seattle, WA
LOLA (the adorable Malti-poo!)
, August 2009
In Fond Memory of Baloo Pet Portrait
Wow! What a GREAT
job Marna did of
Baloo!!  She nailed
him!  The painting is
beautiful and such a
bright cheery
reminder of him.
- A, Portland, OR
BALOO (in fond memory)
, August 2009
Dexter's Pet Portrait
It's great—we love it!
- MC, San Diego, CA
, framed in maple floating frame
August 2009
Indy Pet Portrait Commission
Dear Marna,
I can't thank you
enough for the truly
amazing painting of
my Indy...It is so, so
beautiful and I just
cried at both the
surprise and the
perfection of it. I love
it so much! Thank you
for your talent!
- Dani, Coronado, CA
, August 2009
Jiggers Pet Portrait Commission
JIGGERS (In fond memory)
", July 2009
I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!  The portrait is beautiful.  The flood
of emotion when I finally saw it was overwhelming.  I can't even
think of the right words to tell you how impressed I am.  As I look at
it now I can feel my heart finally starting to heal. - K, Texas
Bubbles Horse Portrait
Partner Horse Portrait
Tenney Horse Portrait
Gillidan Horse Portrait
each 14x18", July 2009
(painted from the amazing photos taken by
professional photographer Lon Jones)
They're just wonderful—We love them! - L, San Diego, CA
Ethan, the Pomeranian Cutie!
The painting looks
great...we all love it!  
You've really
captured Ethan's
look. Thanks for
making Ethan shine!
— Nancy and Chris,
Sacramento, CA
ETHAN, 18x18", July 2009
COKKIE, 20x20", June 2009
The painting is lovely, and I'm very pleased
with the mild palette. The various and subtle
shades you worked in — peach, turquoise,
lemon, rose, and lavender are absolutely
wonderful and didn't really manifest
themselves in the digitized versions.  The in-
person version is stunning.

Thank you for being so patient and for
working so hard to get everything just right.  
As you can see from the attached picture,
Cokkie is pleased, too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I plan to
be in touch next year for a portrait of my
youngest two, Gretchen and Jake.
— Nancy, Knoxville, TN
Marna, this painting is
wonderful. You have
outdone yourself again.  
It’s even more
wonderful in real life
then in the photos.
Thank you so much.
- Jenny, Irvine, CA
RUFUS, 11x14", May 2009
each 14x14", June 2009
(click on each to enlarge)
WOW! They arrived this morning and I hurried down to the PO to pick them up.  
We are overwhelmed.  Just perfect is one way to describe them.  To say we are
pleased is an understatement. You have really captured the essence and
personality of each dog. - Donald and Kathy, Pinetop, AZ
I absolutely love the
painting; it is so
Buster, like he’s
looking at us. There
is no doubt that you
captured his essence
and the spirit in his
eyes. I love the
background and
colors around him
and the maple frame
fits it perfectly.
Thanks for all of your
hard work.
-Diane, Ontario,
20X24", June 2009
You are simply
amazing. Toby’s
‘portrait’ is perfectly
done. I can't WAIT to
see it in real life.
- Dee, Ramona, CA
TOBY, 11x14, June 2009
We are very happy
that you did agree to
the painting and again
the results are just
wonderful!  Who
knows, this could be a
new venue for you -
Pets and their People!
- Wendy, Folsom, CA
NOMAD TONGUE ATTACK!! 20x24, June 2009
(although I STRONGLY insist that the world is far better off that I don't paint people,
I did give in to two of my favorite clients. Making sure they wouldn't mind a more
stylized rendition, the above painting is the result—taken from one of their favorite
photos, with affectionate companion, Nomad).
This picture was sent by my clients to show me how they
displayed their best buddies' paintings. Remembering Cougar
and Nick, and celebrating their ever-lively Nomad,  the
portraits of their furry (and non-furry!) family hang out on  the
wall of a favorite room. They call this their "Wall of Marna" —
and I couldn't be more touched!
DoggonitArt and all images copyright 2010 Marna Schindler. All rights for reproduction remain with the artist.
Big George's pet portrait
Shadow Pet Portrait