Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
18 x 18"
December 2007
Max will live on forever in fond memories; his was a life that
brought joy and happiness and faithful companionship. With
a bright purple sky and a rainbow alluding to the
poem, Max's painting portrays Max in a happy and
whimsical place, assuring he is at peace and watching over
his loving parents!
Marna...You have absolutely made me one very happy person.  My daughter, Alyssa, and her
husband gave me the picture you drew of my beloved Max.  I cannot thank you enough for
capturing the beautiful soulful eyes and the sweet face of my truly have a gift.
Alyssa told me how she begged you to please complete this picture for her by Christmas, and,
again, I cannot thank you enough for that.  This gift truly left me speechless, and full of tears.  
Max was my best pal and I have missed him so very much.  There is not a day that goes by that I
do not think about him, and thanks to you, I will be able to look at his face that you captured so
beautifully. Thank you, Marna, for a wonderful gift.  - Jackie, Illinois
DoggonitArt and all images copyright 2010 Marna Schindler. All rights for reproduction remain with the artist.
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge...