Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
24x24" acrylic on canvas
April 2009
GiGi is an adorable miniature Greyhound living in
Knoxville, Tennesee.  I was absolutely thrilled to have
the opportunity to paint such a sweet little character!
Her pictures as a puppy nearly knocked me off my
chair, they were so cute.  It was wonderful working
with GiGi's mom, planning how her painting would
look, with a pose selected from many, and a
background to be filled with large sunflowers and a
bright blue sky.  What fun to be sent pictures of the
painting with GiGi as soon as it arrived—and I am so
glad GiGi approves!
The painting arrived today and it is
INCREDIBLE!!! I am amazed at how well
you captured GiGi's character in the
painting! It is a great reminder of my
Grandparents and the special relationship I
had with them. I named my little Greyhound
"GiGi" after my Grandmother (whom my
nieces called "GG Mama" for Great
Grandma) The flowers are reminiscent of the
beautiful giant Sunflowers my Grandfather
would grow in his garden each year.  What a
perfect way to bring the two together. I will
always cherish this painting!   I JUST LOVE
IT!! GiGi must feel like a SUPERSTAR!! I
know she is the ONLY dog on the street with
her own likeness on canvas! It was great
working with you! The process was so simple
and the finished product arrived in perfect
condition! - Sandi, Knoxville, TN
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