Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
Tiller Gale!
18x18" acrylic on canvas
December 2008
Tiller Gale
Tiller Gale is the love of our lives and you
completely captured her spirit in your
painting....My sister LOVED Tiller's portrait
and we were all amazed and very impressed
with how accurately you painted Tiller. Now
anyone who goes to your site will see that you
can capture the unique and loving spirit of
their own pets as well! - Elizabeth (Tiller's
Aunt), Coronado, CA
As is normally the case, Tiller received the most presents at Christmas, but I definitely got
the best one! I know that Beth and my husband probably told you lots of stories about
TIller Gale and I can assure you she lives up to them all! She is up to six tricks now! She
can shake her right and left paws, she can dance (turn in a circle, to the right or left), roll
over to the right or left, kiss, lay down and her newest trick...she plays dead!!!!  We hung
her portrait in the living room (where we spend most of our time) so that I can see her
smiley face all the time!  Whether she is playing fetch or playing hide and seek (or as we
call it 'where's Tiller?') she never ceases to bring a smile to our faces and your portrait
captures her loving, joyful, smiling spirit perfectly. Ellen , Coronado, CA
See the talented Tiller Gale,
performing her various tricks!
(Video courtesy of Tiller's mom Ellen)
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Tiller Gale is an amazingly talented and adorable kitty living in the Coronado Cays.
She is such a treasure to her parents that they have even named their boat after her!
Not yet even two years old, Tiller Gale is so smart she even gets into cabinets to
retrieve her own kitty treats. She is going to give Letterman a run for his money, as
she is certainly bound for stardom. I became completely smitten with her after
meeting her proud aunt and father and hearing all about her, and I can't wait to meet
her in person (kitty)! I am truly honored to have been commissioned to paint such a
special soul, who has touched her family's lives so deeply.