Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
Distinguished Dogs & Cats
Halo in Green Commissioned Pet Portrait
HALO IN GREEN, 12x12", May 2009
Halo in Blue Commissioned Pet Portrait
"Darcey absolutely loved
the paintings!!! She also
loved how you captured
the detail of her eyes. You
have a wonderful gift and I
will definitely be talking
about your work and
selling you to my friends,
fellow handlers and family.
Words can't express how I
feel about these paintings—
they are AWESOME!!
-Tom, Washington State
HALO IN BLUE, 12x12", May 2009
Halo served as an explosive detection dog for the U.S. Coast
Guard for over 4 years in Washington State. Today she
continues to spend her happy days with her former partner,
Darcey, who was the first female K9 handler in the Coast
Guard. Commissioned for Darcey by her boyfriend Tom, Halo's
paintings portray the softer, soulful side of this remarkable
pup. Halo's duties with Darcey in the Coast Guard included
inspecting ferries (ensuring the safety of the Nation's largest
ferry system and the thousands of people riding them);
working closely with local, state, and federal agencies
responding to numerous bomb threats (many of which were
to public schools), and assisting in search warrants, by
conducting explosive sweeps that aided in the protection
various dignitaries, including the President of the United
States. Tom said "Halo is like a daughter to Darcey." It was a
true pleasure getting to know Halo through all of her pictures
and stories; she is truly a beautiful and amazing girl.
Canto and Valkie
The painting arrived,
and it's just great! The
colors are perfect and
the frame is splendid.
Thanks for your great
work! We are honored
to have your painting in
our house --
It's just magnificent.
-Julie, Tempe, AZ
16X20" acrylic on canvas
MAY 2009
Living in Tempe, AZ, these two fun-loving
pups just can't get enough of the great
outdoors, playing frisbee, and chasing
birds! There were so many directions we
could have gone with a painting of these
handsome fellows—but an idea with Canto
and Valkie happily running was ultimately
chosen, as it showcased their dynamic
personalities best.  Amidst their bright
Arizona desert surrounds, Canto and Valkie
are perfectly at home!
Canto and Valkie's
painting, framed
The rough digital
sketch for Canto &
Valkie's painting
Digby, Hazel and Heidi Commissioned Pet Portrait
We just love the portrait.
You really have captured
their features and
personalities and the color
is amazing. The painting is
hanging across from the
main door to the sunroom
so it is the focal point to
the room as you come in
the house. Everyone
entering is captivated. We
can’t thank you enough.
- Ali, Raleigh, NC
20x24" acrylic on canvas
APRIL 2009
After painting Heidi last fall, I was thrilled to be asked to
paint her fabulous feline friends, Digby and Hazel. In their
special debut, Digby and Hazel are perched contentedly
in the foreground (and they graciously invited Heidi to sit
in too!) The grassy field complements the greens and
yellows of the kitties' favorite room, where their paintings
now hang. It was an honor to get to know these cool &
cozy cats!
Heidi's solo painting
(click to enlarge)
Maddox Commissioned Pet Portrait
I received the painting
of Maddox!  It is
incredible!  You have
an amazing gift.  
Looking at the painting
is as if, I’m looking into
his eyes, and seeing
his gentle little soul.  
I wish you many
blessings with your art,
as you have blessed us!
Thank You,
Krista & Maddox,
Corona, CA
Handsome Maddox
Maddox painting side
10x10" acrylic on canvas
MAY 2009
One eye brown, one eye blue, this handsome Shi-Tzu
named Maddox is the apple of his mother's eye!
Sharing a home in Corona, CA with his buddies Mia and
Hannah (a Yorkie & a black kitty), Maddox is a lot of
personality in a little package!
Chipper's painting is
amazing! I'm so
excited! I promise to
put it in a huge place
of honor.
- Jennifer, San Diego, CA
11x14" acrylic on canvas
March 2009
This former champion show-pup is a spritely and
handsome Corgi living in San Diego, with his similarly
charismatic buddy Big George (a handsome dachshund
whom I will have the great pleasure of painting soon!)
I was honored to meet them both, as well as their kind
and talented mom. In poshly decorated surroundings,
these lucky pups live like kings—as well they should!
Sophia's painting
arrived today -
thank you so much,
it is really beautiful.
It looks just like her.
I love how you
incorporated the
lavender and teal as
shading for the
lighter and darker
areas.  Sophia's dad
loved it too!
- Cami, Riverview, FL
12x12" acrylic on canvas
March 2009
Sophia is a beautiful Shiba-Inu living in Florida with her
loving parents—what an honor it was to paint this lovely
girl! With a few paint chips to use as a guide for making
her painting fit perfectly in its new home, Sophia's regal
and gentle expression, as well as her soft shimmery
coat, worked together in harmony to create a
subtle-toned portrait.
Asia Commissioned Pet Portrait
It's so much more
than I expected!!!
The painting is
absolutely fantastic
and will be going on
the wall today! I
appreciate it more
than I can ever
express! - Brooke,
Cleveland, TN
24x24" acrylic on canvas
February 2009
Asia is a beautiful boxer/pit/lab mix that I had the great
pleasure of painting this February. In planning her
painting with her mom, we went over several whimsical
ideas: Asia at the beach, playing with her favorite tennis
ball, or pictured in bold colors under a vibrant rainbow.
After reviewing my rough mockups, Asia's mom decided
on the rainbow. It was extremely fun to paint her with
such an eye-popping palette and at this size. I really
wanted to capture her fun-loving spirit in a loose,
gestural style that was both impressionistic and holding
true to her gorgeous good looks. Thank you Asia, for
sharing your smiling, fun-loving spirit with me!
Karma Commissioned Pet Portrait
The painting is a hit!
It looks great in the
bedroom. We are VERY
happy and delighted
with the portrait. The
picture of Karma
couldn't be prettier.
- Chris, Knoxville, TN
KARMA (in fond memory)
11x14" acrylic on canvas
February 2009
Karma is KOKO!!'s mom, and what an honor it
was to paint her too! Now a good friend,
Karma and KOKO!!'s mom and I worked closely
in the planning of Karma's painting, making
sure it would complement KOKO!!'s painting,
as well as their home's new interior colors. I
was even mailed a paint chip! I knew Karma
would be a special spirit to capture, just like
her amazing daughter. With colors of pinks,
purples, oranges and blues to define her
gentle expression, Karma was a delight to
paint. I can almost be certain her kind spirit
visited me to help along the way—her slight
and knowing smile tells all!
KOKO!!, Karma's
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Karma's painting
in its custom silver floating frame
Chipper Commissioned Pet Portrait
Sophia Commissioned Pet Portrait