Dog and Cat Art by Marna Schindler
Canines & Kitties of the Fall
This is so amazing. I love it.
It looks so good. Thank you.
I can’t say enough good things
about your work and have told
so many people about your
talents! We are already talking
about having a third painting
done of our first Dalmatian,
Wrigley J.  I don’t think you
are ever going to get rid of us
as clients..- Jenny, Irvine, CA
Elvis (in fond memory)
Nov. 2008
Buster and Sheba (and their little lizard friend!)
Oct. 2008
Buster and Sheba's painting is absolutely fabulous. It amazes me how you picked up on their
personality, I couldn't be more pleased.  It is going to be hard for me to keep it until
Christmas. I am just so thrilled with the result. You have made me very happy today…
Again thank you so very much...-Barbara, El Paso, TX
Pumbaa in maple gallery frame

We LOVE Pumbaa's picture in
the new frame. It totally
completes the look we wanted
and is beautiful in our bedroom
with the laminate floors.  

Your services are well worth
every penny and we hope other
pet owners/lovers were lucky
enough to meet you and
commission your work at the
festival. -Pam, Phoenix, AZ
framed in gallery maple frame
Oct. 2008
Oct. 2008
My husband and I, like many dog owners, share a special bond with our dogs.  They have helped us to
get through many ups and downs.  To immortalize them in a beautiful portrait by Marna has been really
special for us.  It is our very own treasured piece of art, created just for us, of our favorite subjects!  
Marna has a way of truly evoking the dog's personality through her painting. Our home would not be
complete without our portraits from Marna! - Cherrie, Greensburg, PA (also proud parent to
Heidi's portrait arrived
and we love it!  You have
captured her personality
and the colors are
incredible.  Mel is
thrilled with his birthday
present.  Thank you so
much. - Ali, Raleigh, NC
Oct. 2008
Oct. 2008
We are so happy with the
painting! We both love it. It's
beautiful and looks great
above the fireplace. I forgot
to take a picture of it hung
up but am enclosing a
picture of Zach posing in
front of the painting. You
can see the similarity
between Zach and the
painting as you really
captured the essence of Zach.
- Kathy, Encinitas, CA
Sept. 2008
(My wife) absolutely loved the
painting, and it is terrific to
have a gift that lasts and can
be enjoyed for many years to
come. -Ivor, San Diego, CA
Sophie and Maverick
Sept. 2008
We love the painting and the
fabulous goodies!!!  
Wow....again....I am so
happy to have more of your
art; the postcards are are very
talented...I hope that you are
doing well.  My son said,
"there's Toby and Glinda",
thus, you know it's good!!!
- Laura, Chandler, AZ
Toby and Glinda
Sept. 2008
Thank you very much for the
portrait! I had to go through
the entire package/
packaging to make sure I
didn't miss anything! It does
look fantastic. And thank
you for all the small
touches... treats and cards
and prints. It was definitely
worth the wait.
Rick, Phoenix, AZ.
Winston and Brie
Aug. 2008
You are such an amazing
artist and I feel so honored
to have Buddy be one of
your subjects. When I saw it
I burst into tears! Its my
"Baby Buddy Boy" staring
right back at me.
Your ability to bring such
emotion and soul through
your art is truly a gift and
blessing. Thank you so much!
-Janna, Escondido, CA
Buddy, the Desert Rat Cat!
August 2008
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